Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Creemos que...

... la palabra “latino” no debe ser siempre sinónimo de “reggaetón”, “perreo” y personas vacías debaratándose por la fiesta y la inconsciencia popular. Sabemos que “latino” significa también una profunda intelectualidad y una manera desmedidamente amplia de ver la vida. Sabemos que en Latinoamérica la buena música, la música seria, es bien aceptada, mucho más, quizá que los disfraces facilones del marketing y la propaganda. Si algo tenemos que ofrecer al mundo los latinos es ese acercamiento extremadamente humano a la música, el arte y el buen gusto. No han trabajado en vano los fundadores de nuestras literaturas, de nuestras ártes plásticas y escénicas.


A Limine (latin for “From the threshold”) was created by Alejandro and Gabriel Valdivia in the year 2003 in San José, Costa Rica. They formed a band with the musical talents of Jorge Espinoza (drums) and Carlos Flores (guitar). A Limine’s debut performance was on the Teatro Skené, which led to their first studio recording: Catarsis (2003). This recording featured songs such as “Un Paso al frente” and “Andanza”. After the release of Catarsis, Alejandro and Gabriel joined efforts with Emanuel (drums), who brought a series of latin rythms and a rich energy to the concept of A Limine. By the end of 2003, Alejandro and Gabriel decided to travel to the United States to continue to persue their musical dreams. Now, in American soil, the band meets Daniel D’Imperio with whom they share a heavier sound as well as a more elaborate conception of the music itself. With Daniel, the band records their second studio demo, which they titled Studio Sessions (2005). After a year of hard work and dedication, the band's relationship with Daniel D'Imperio grew instable. Thus, after long and extensive audition sessions, the band finally added Josue Chevere (drums). The new member of A Limine was the missing ingredient for the formula. Now the band has a more organized sound accompanied by thoughtful lyrics.
A Limine’s sound could be defined as a very eclectic alternative-rock-funk. A Limine will not seize to amaze its audience, always including a little bit of everything, including classic rock, blues, rock 'n roll, jazz, reggae, funk, hard rock, fusion, bossa nova, and lots of jamming. They compose music both in English and Spanish attempting to unite both cultures with the universal language that is music. By doing so, A Limine is always attracting new crowds of all ages and ethnical backgrounds. Furthermore, A Limine believes in the free expression of the music as an art and is continuously defending its rights. They have a very complete set of original material and have performed all over Florida and Costa Rica. The band has performed at venues such as The Masquerade, The Orpheum, Boomerz Ballroom, Skipper’s Smokehouse, Pegasus Lounge, and much more.
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